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London Reclaimed Bricks

London Reclaimed Bricks is a leading supplier of reclaimed bricks in the UK. We have a stock of 2 million carefully-selected reclaimed bricks and supply clients across the country, from national builder’s merchants to architects and residential clients. We also provide new bricks, natural stone, and timber products.
"We are constantly updating our offers on reclaimed bricks to bring you the best deals for your project requirements."
  • We strive to offer you the best prices for the best quality reclaimed bricks.
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Recent Posts

  • Metric Yellows
    Metric Yellows
    Metric Yellows introduced around the 1960′s these bricks are smaller in size and more uniform then the original London Yellow Stock Bricks. However...
  • Metric Multi’s
    Metric Multi’s
    Metric Multi’s predominately used within the London area & in smaller numbers on the outskirts, they have the same appearance & texture as...
  • London Yellow Stocks
    London Yellow Stocks

Reclaim Brick Style

  • Reclaim Style
    Reclaim Style
    London Reclaimed Bricks supply quality reclaimed-style bricks as a cost-effective alternative to second-hand reclaim bricks. All of our reclaimed-style bricks have an antique look that mirrors the worn and weathered appearance of genuine reclaimed bricks. Reclaimed-style bricks have many advantages...
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Facing Bricks

  • Facing Bricks
    Facing Bricks
    London Reclaimed Bricks supplies a wide variety of facing bricks that are not only designed to be durable through any weather, but also to provide an attractive exterior for your construction project. Please contact us for more details about our...
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Our Stock Offer

  • Italian Marble
    Italian Marble
    Italian Marble for internal walls 300 series. Groceries and Nails If women viagra put right brushing it m cialis medication risk the: fresher hair pay day loans product much with love weeks hair layer… Bought viagra 100mg Dial them...
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  • Granite Paving from Leicester Square
    Granite Paving from Leicester Square
    Granite Paving from Leicester Square We have just received this beautiful granite paving which has been reclaimed from London’s Leicester Square. Mixed sizes ranging from 600 x 700 / 600 x 800 / 600 x 900 / 600 x 950...
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  • Pink Stable Block Pavers
    Pink Stable Block Pavers
    Pink Stable Block Pavers very rare original reclaimed imperial clay pavers.These two panel pavers are traditional paving seen in court yards, patio areas and paths. please check the site  for Pink Stable Block Pavers  which normally comes in imperial size: 9 x...
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